Right now

I'm *almost* finished packing for a trip that Fatty and I are taking tomorrow. (Oktoberfest, anyone?)

I'm going over the information for the babysitter, hoping that I haven't forgotten anything. (And knowing that they are going to manage just fine without us.)

I'm strategizing about how to squeeze in a workout in the morning, a trip to buy a raincoat and taking some cushions to an upholsterer. Something is going to have to give. And I think I know what that is. (The chairs are going to have to wait).

I'm wondering how many pairs of shoes is too many. And trying to figure out which ones should stay back. (Sorry, Toms. You aren't making the cut).

I'm charging camera batteries, getting ready to back up the computer and deciding if one lens will be enough. (I'm thinking the 18 – 135mm should do the trick, but I'm on the fence about the 50mm)

I'm not cleaning the house (which is what I should be doing).

But I am waiting on Fatty to open some champagne. (We're practically on vacation.)


See you back here when I return. (With something crafty. Pinky swear).


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