Linden sweatshirt 2 by house on hill road

I whipped up a Linden sweatshirt yesterday in about an hour. This pattern by Grainline Studios is a super easy sew. I am sure that you have seen a gazillion versions of it, especially if you are on instagram. If not, check out the hastag #lindensweatshirt. Simple, comfortable, fast, well-fitting – it has all the hallmarks of a pattern that I will sew again and again. And, actually, this is my second one. The first I made out of a Liberty sweatshirt fleece back in the winter – it is heavy and cozy and was worn a ton. This fabric is a much lighter French terry. I bought it from Frances at Miss Matatabi. She has the best stuff! While I was shopping for this, I picked up some pink French terry, too. That's earmarked for Linden #3.

Linden sweatshirt by house on hill road

Headless! First thing in the morning, on my way to work out is not a look I feel like sharing today. 😉

The nitty gritty:  I made myself a size 12, same as I have in other Grainline patterns. I think the fit is spot on for me. I may be inclined to add a tiny bit of length, maybe an inch, to the front and back pieces of the pattern on my next go, but I am not sure. The Liberty one I made in the winter, I sized up to a 14 because the fabric had little to no stretch. I also cut the cuffs and neck band on the bias for that one. But! This one was made exactly as the pattern specified and came together beautifully. There are a few spotty bits of top-stitching with the double needle, but those are completely user error (forgot to put on the walking foot!) and I am not going to point them out! I sewed most of it on my serger, but it can be done on a domestic machine, too. I did add the cuffs, neck band and waist band with the sewing machine before serging the seams. It was just easier that way for me.

Overall, a winner of a pattern! I can't wait to make another.

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