Patchwork skirt

Chambray and madras and patchwork? Yes, please.

I made this summer skirt for Jane. I got her approval on the fabric before I started cutting. It's a super simple skirt. And super preppy, which I love. I wanted something for her that wasn't heavily gathered or twirly because, at age 11, she prefers clothing that isn't too fussy. I drafted it this morning, cut and sewed it this afternoon. The skirt came together very quickly and it's so easy that I'll probably make a few more. It's a smidge a-line with a faux-drawstring in the front middle.  The waist is actually an elastic casing with the ribbon sewn to the elastic so it'll never fall out. Gotta love that.

Patchwork skirt 3

I took some time to line up the seams and didn't have enough fabric to get the exact length I was hoping for. That bit about allowing extra to match plaids? Yep. I forgot about that. Anyhow, the length will be fine for this summer, but on the next go round, I'll definitely make it an inch or two longer.

The next two days are going to be busy, but I'm determined to keep up with my one hour of sewing a day. I'm also checking things of the to-do list. How's it going for you all?

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