I have one sweater blocking.  It should be ready for buttons tonight.  And because I need a portable craft to work on while in the carpool line or music lessons, I cast on another sweater this afternoon.  It, too, is for me.  I debated between a charcoal gray and a medium brown for the main color.  It was a hard decision.  My first instinct was gray, but then I took a look in my closet and I have three gray sweaters and only one brown one.  So, I went for the brown.  It was an uncharacteristic choice, but it is going to look so good with the main contrast color: green.  No surprise there.

Tomorrow I am going to finish quilt top number two.  I am also working on some camera straps for the shop.  There will be a small update sometime next week.  More on that and other news tomorrow.

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