and good mail.  This surprise came to us from Robyn.  She really shouldn’t have, but I am soooo glad she did!


Two packages:  one for me and one for the girls.  Do you see that she wrapped mine in that lovely Amy Butler fabric?  Yippee!


For the girls:  a wonderful craft kit from Klutz.  Robyn said she never knew what those lanyards were called – me either.  Now we do:  Scoubidou!  I remember making this at camp as a kid and can’t wait to make these with the girls.  And wasn’t Robyn sweet to think of my kiddos?


For me:  this lovely decoupaged frame (see all that green?).  Robyn had read over on Susan’s blog that this song hold special meaning to Fatty and me – he cries each time he hears it.  I cannot believe she remembered this – it really is an incredibly thoughtful gift.

Thanks so much Robyn!  You are kind and generous soul.

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