With the girls back in school the last two weeks, I have found myself needing a project to keep my hands busy while I sit at volleyball games, piano lessons and the like. I immediately wanted to pick up some knitting needles, buy new yarn and get busy. But, in a huge effort to just use what I have, I finally dug out my knitting bag yesterday.

Blocking 2

Let me tell you, it was a hot mess. 2 unfinished sweaters, piles of needles, a bunch of papers – all jumbled up.

I haven't picked up any kind of knitting since last August when I all but completed my Sullivan. Now wait, I take that back. I did finish knitting the applied i-cord sometime in the winter or spring when I wanted the yarn for granny squares. With just two underarm seams to kitchner and all the ends to weave in, I abandoned it for the crochet hook. I know. Silly me. 

I took the bag with me as I sat at the gym door collecting admissions for volleyball games. I pulled out the Sullivan (which also looked like a hot mess), borrowed a tapestry needle from a friend (yes, not a single one in the bag, and yes, lucky to have a knitter in the gym) and got to work. By the time my shift was over, it was ready for blocking.


This one is going to be a beauty. I just know it.

Next up, the unfinished blue tea leaves. Now if I could just remember what size needle I used two years ago, those sleeves would be done in no time at all. Or maybe I should go back to my Elizabeth Zimmerman fair isle number. That just needs button and buttonhole bands. Decisions, decisions.

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