I recently did a mini clean up in the studio and at the end I had six quilt tops (with their backs!) waiting for quilting. There are also two quilts that just need to have the blocks sewn together. Honestly, I have no business starting another quilt top until some of the unfinished become finished. But a quick look at the calendar tells me that time is flying fast and there is one quilt on my to-make list that has a firm deadline.

Two months from today, Fatty and I will move Jane into her college dorm room.

Let that sink in.

Of course, I am cutting into that pile of fabric. She gave me a color scheme and I pulled the prints. I showed her some ideas and we came up with a loose plan that I will execute improvisationally. I am going to savor every cut and every stitch of this one. I know that keeping my hands busy helps me when I am anxious and excited and heals my heart when I am sad. I need to make this just as much for me as I do for her. I plan on pouring all of my love into this quilt so she can take a small piece of me with her when she goes.

Wish me luck.

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