Good morning!  And Happy 2009!

The girls are back to school today and Fatty is back to work.  It’s quiet in the house.  Scout is trying to climb on my lap – she can’t seem to settle.  I know just how she feels.  My mind is racing in a gazillion directions.  I have so much I want and need to do – clean, take down Christmas decorations, auction projects, knitting and sewing (of course!), cooking, baking, organizing, trashing out.  I could go on and on…

Yesterday, I felt the need to clean up around here and then changed my mind.  Instead, I wrote up a tutorial to share with you.  It’s been requested quite a bit – I think you’ll like it.  It’s a quick, fast and satisfying project.  You can easily complete this in about an hour.


Coffee Cozy!

I put the directions in a pdf – you can download it here.  It’s also on the sidebar.

Go on, get sewing.  I’m going to workout and then tackle the Christmas tree.

***** EDITED:  I just printed out the pattern using the pdf and the template is smaller than my original.  Once I figure out why and then fix it, I will update this post and the pdf.  Sorry if this caused any problems.  I hate it when crap like this happens.  Bear with me.*****

UPDATE:  My printer scaled down the template automatically.  If you make sure to print the template at 100%, you should be fine.  One of the corners might get cut off, but I am sure you can wing that.  Right?  Phew.

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