Did you notice Tracy’s camera strap?  I did – and so did Fatty and my friends.  Cute, huh?  Then yesterday, I saw this one, too.  And look, she just took hers apart and made a new one.  Easy enough, right?


I dug through my box of 4" fabric strips and found some of my favorite green and aqua prints.  I sewed a quick length of patchwork, added some interfacing and then reattached the strap ends that I had removed from my original Canon strap.  Now I am styling and I absolutely LOVE it.


The only downfall was that I broke my very favorite stitch ripper.  Bummer.  The bonus was that making this little project got me psyched up to start working on the quilt again.  I tackled that for 1 1/2 hours last night.  It is  s l o w  going – more so than I thought it would be.  And you all know how I feel about slow.  Yeah, not so much.

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