I finished all the gifts for the nephews and mailed them off yesterday.  Phew!  The only trouble I encountered was how to wrap some odd-sized, soft items without having to buy overly huge boxes.  This is what I came up with.


Muslin bags!  I cut large rectangles and sewed up two sides – actually, I used the serger so it didn’t matter if everything wasn’t lined up exactly so.  I popped the items in and closed them with a bow.  Had I thought of this sooner, I would have freezer paper stenciled or appliqued right onto those, you know, to dress them up a bit.  Oh well.  Maybe the kids can do that with their moms….just a thought.  Of course, you can use any fabric, but I had this on hand and it is inexpensive, so it fit the bill.  Also, it cost a lot less than a big gift bag and tissue would have.  Finally, they were easy to throw in a box and send just like that.

I know I promised a finished project – that’ll be tomorrow.  Back to my Christmas cards.  Yes, that’s me, always at the last minute.

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