Have you noticed the wordplay button in my sidebar?  Did you click on it and end up in an empty flickr group?  Sorry about that.  The problem is corrected now.  Wordplay starts today.

After Tracy and I finished our outside inspiration projects we decided to keep going.  With a twist and a new collaborator. The notion is still inspiration from the outside in the form
of a single word, but some things have changed.

I couldn’t be more excited that Emily is joining Tracy and me in this creative collaboration.  Starting today, the three of us will be receiving a single word from an artist, a writer or a friend.  We have six weeks to ponder the word, interpret its meaning and use it as a inspiration for a creative project in a media of our choice.  Basically it is one word, three interpretations, every six weeks.

We asked Shari to give us a word as our inspiration.  And she agreed! So imagine my excitement when I received a letter in the mail yesterday.  I knew it was coming.  I knew what it contained.  I knew it couldn’t be opened until today.  Never have I wanted to open something so badly.  But I waited.  I did.



First thing this morning, I made my first cup of coffee and opened the envelope.  Out tumbled a pink paint sample with a typewriter written word on it.  Can you see it?


How about now?


Wow.  That is what I call a word.  I can’t wait to see what we all do with this.

Now that I have the word, it’s time to play.  Thanks for the starting point, Shari.  It’s really really good.

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