The biggest work in progress is still cleaning.  I started in the sewing room this morning and, what do you know, I found the missing presser feet!


Now that I have that mystery solved, it is time to get it all sparkling clean.  I started with my machine.  Do you ever clean your own machine?  Every time I take the plate off, I am amazed at the amount of fuzzy dust in there.  Now, don’t misunderstand…I won’t go near the mechanics of my precious machine.  I do get it serviced and oiled about once a year by a professional.  When I bought my machine, though, the first thing I was taught was how to keep the bobbin compartment clean.  I had never, ever thought about that before.  It turns out that keeping all that fabric dust out of there really helps reduce broken needles and other tension issues.  Who knew?  Not me!

Once I got the machine cleaned, I started in on the fabric.  I didn’t make much headway so I think it is going to be my weekend project.  I have good incentive – these strips are just waiting to be turned into belts.


I am looking forward to the weekend….some cleaning, some sewing, some reading and a date with Fatty.  A movie and sushi, I think.  Sounds good to me!

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