The girls left for camp on Sunday. The house is so quiet! But along with that lack of noise, comes bigger freedom with how I spend my time. On my way home from exercise yesterday, I stopped at JoAnn's in the hope of finding the newest fabric line from Cloud 9 Fabrics. And I was in luck!

I cut eight 5" squares from each of the 12 prints and 6 solids. I chain pieced them into pairs blindly – pulling them out of a bag and then arranged the pairs into rows for a 54" square quilt top. I worked on it in spurts, between a doctor's appointment and a trip to the quilt shop for backing and binding. Still, it came together quickly – maybe about 3 hours of sewing, plus about 30 minutes of cutting. It's a good reminder for me that I can accomplish quite a lot in small bits of time. I often think I need a huge block of hours strung together to get anything done. Sure, that is ideal, but knocking off tasks one by one still get it done.

Basting and quilting should happen today. I'm going to try to video my method for the loopy quilting to share with you all later this week. See you then.

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