I know that I have been neglecting the blog when Fatty asks, "What? You don't post anymore?"

Yep. Sorry. I didn't mean to be away for so long.

I blame summer, people. It's busier than I'd like, but still oh so good. Our day to day changes, well, daily. And since I was last here, we've been to the beach and have come home. It was a great week with my family – lots of sun, sand, surf and way too much food and drink. And now, back at home, I'm getting the girls ready for a week at camp and myself ready for grown-up camp (a.k.a. a Denyse Schmidt workshop in Portland, OR). Exciting for all, right?

White painted portrait
Before we left for South Carolina, I did sew up another version of Anna Maria's Painted Portrait Dress. This was my third go at this pattern and each time I sew it, it comes together quicker than the time before. I love making it and I love wearing it. I also love that it can be made in so many different combinations – sleeves, no sleeves, top, dress, with patchwork, without. I can safely say that there will be more than three versions of this pattern hanging in my closet. I'm just about ready to start another one for fall.

Painted portrait lining
But before I get ahead of myself, let me tell you about this one. I was inspired to make it when out shopping for something white to wear for a family photo on the beach. I found many options at different stores, but loved nothing. It dawned on me that instead of spending more time shopping, I should just start sewing. I bought the fabric locally – it didn't have any identifying marks on the selvedge so I can say who makes it. Because it is white, I knew that it would require a full lining. The pattern only has instructions on facing the yoke, but having sewn this pattern before, I was confident that I could figure out how to line the entire thing. There was some serious contemplating about the arm hole, but once I wrapped my brain around what I needed to do, it all came together very easily. Again, like the blouse version I made earlier this year, I took in the back seams so it would fit me better. Each time I have done this after sewing everything together. I think I'll try altering the actual pattern pieces before I sew the next one.

Button loop

And because I didn't have any white cotton perle on hand, I couldn't resist adding a little surprise for the button loop. It makes me smile every time I see it.

White painted portrait 2
Also, it should come as no surprise that instead of getting everyone ready for their respective adventures, I cut out another blouse last night. This time, it's a Tova and it's green. See you on the other side.

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