I looked at the calendar today and it says Thursday.  I could swear it was Wednesday.  The telltale sign of a good long weekend, if you ask me.

The girls are out of school.  We've been busy.  Tennis lessons, swim team, an amusement park, kitchen organizing, house cleaning, more swim team, grocery shopping, and if all goes as planned, some berry picking tomorrow.

Did you notice there was no mention of sewing? Or cooking? Or gardening? And boy does the garden need some attention.

I am trying to get my summer rhythm going.  It's far from a nice melody, but we are slowly plucking out a tune.  I might be away for a little while during this transition.  In the meantime, please go read this post by Rachel. I love it. She is a constant source of inspiration for me.

Also, please enjoy these peonies.  I know I am.

June 2

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