October 29

This week is flying by. Things on my mind:

Margaritas. I was so happy I blogged the big batch recipe – that came in handy this weekend.

Leslie makes and sells the coolest chalkboard placemats. My girls love them and so do I. We do math problems, spelling words, hangman and doodle on them. They would make a lovely holiday gift. You can snatch some up in her store.

I'm completely crushing on Amy Butler's newest fabric line, Lark. Maybe it's time for some camera straps…

Eireann has stocked her store with lots of great paper goods. I bought her calendar last year and have enjoyed flipping the page each month. Go, take a look. You won't be disappointed.

Emily and Molly have opened up habit to everyone this month. It's chock full of magic. Won't you consider joining in? Details here.

I put the garden to bed this afternoon. I was amazed to find tomatoes and peppers still going – I kind of gave up on the whole deal about a month ago. I left a few tomatoes in the beds to see if we get any volunteers next year. I always think that is so cool. And if there are no volunteers, I'll be happy knowing the squirrels had a good meal.

Halloween was here and gone in a flash. It hurts a little to think that Jane only has a year or two left of trick or treating. So bittersweet, this growing up thing.

I have the urge to knit. Big time. Hats and cowl, particularly. Any suggestions?

My second Tova fits! More on that another day.

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