We spent the last week in the mountains.  Once the plane touched down, I had a this notion that I needed to knit something. right. away.  I decided on another tea leaves because I had the pattern on my computer.  But I hadn't brought any yarn or needles with me so I set out to visit the local yarn store.  I had a very difficult time finding a worsted weight yarn that I liked.  Get this:  the ones with enough yardage were all green.  Normally, I'd be doing cartwheels, but not when my other tea leaves is very green itself.  In the end, I settled on this sapphire blue.  It's Tupa by Mirasol Peru, color 812.  It might be a little smaller than worsted and I didn't swatch for gauge.  I also went down a size so in all reality, it may not work out so well.  Then again, it just may.

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