I finally made up my mind.  The shop will open on Wednesday.

April 27 008_1_1

There will be 30 camera straps for sale – five different colorways, six of each colorway.  No two straps in each colorway are *exactly* alike.  They include the same fabrics, but different widths of each one, and in some cases, they are sewn together in a different order.  I will show a photo of a finished strap in each colorway, but the one you may receive may be slightly different than the one pictured.  They are all the same length and constructed the same way.

Does this make sense?

I am not going to commit to a specific time.  Not having done this before, I am unsure how long it is going to take to get it all set up.  When everything is up and running, I will post the opening here and on my flickr page.

All right.  It's a big weekend here.  I'm off to the races!  See you next week.

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