Hello! I've got three things to cover today so I'm going to attack it list-style.

1. If you are reading in a reader, click over to see the BEAUTIFUL new blog design that happened over the weekend. Actually, it happened over the summer, with a lot of hard work by the talented Dorie Schwarz, but we (she) pushed the buttons to switch everything over on Friday afternoon. I love it so much and keep wondering why I didn't do it sooner. If you click on my picture, the about page is updated and housed at its new home – long overdue! A huge thanks to Dorie for making it happen and for dealing with very vague direction from me and still being able to design such a lovely product. You're the best, Dorie. Also, go check out the quilt she just finished. Amazing!

2. Along with the new design, there are new social media links. A Facebook page? Check. Twitter? Got that, too. Instagram? Yep. (It's a locked account, but as long as everything looks like it is on the up and up, I will accept your follow request). Pinterest? You know it. Flickr? It might be dead, but I'm still there. You get the idea…go like, follow, etc., for the most up-to-date news like shop updates, book stuff, and probably, a good dose of little tidbits, too.

3. The update on the SHOP UPDATE. The books are ready to go and the camera straps will be ready soon, so I'll start with those. How does Friday sound? Good? Good. FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 13 around 2:30 p.m. When it's live, I will announce it here, Twitter, Facebook and probably Instagram. Scrap bags and the fabric destash will be coming soon. Remember, I am happy to sign books if you'd like.

That's a wrap for today. Back soon.

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