…or it took Kate six months to embroider this shirt.  You choose the title.


She started this embroidery project in January.  The drawing is her own – I used a transfer pencil to trace it and then ironed it on to the shirt.  She picked it up now and again over the course of six months – most often when I was embroidering something.  She did the trunk first, then the pink flower, then the "hair", as she calls it.  I did the face.

When we took the hoop off, it had a nice big ring around it.  Yep, a big white circle where the hoop was and dirt and food and finger marks everywhere else.  I popped in the wash after a liberal application of stain stick and – voila! – a perfectly white tee!  Well, a white tee with a super cute smiley tree worn by a very proud five year old.

That’s my girl.

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