While I was without internet, but with electricity, I tackled some bigger sewing projects.  By big, I mean size-wise, not necessarily level of difficulty.  Both were made out of squares and rectangles – really simple once I got the measurements right.


We have lived in our house for a little over two and a half years.  When we moved in, Fatty and I upgraded to a king size bed from a queen.  Making that jump required all new linens.  Sheets were an obvious necessity that I took care of right away.  And we were lucky enough to have a wonderful king size down comforter that my parents gave us when we got engaged.  At the time I really didn’t understand why they got us a king when we had a queen, but now I understand my mother’s good reasoning.  It just took us longer to get that king than she thought it would.  Anyhow, I am happy to say the comforter now has its very own duvet cover and the bed finally has a skirt.


Can I just say bed skirts are hard to photograph?  They are.  I made this skirt in five pieces:  one for each of the three sides of the bed and two for the corners.  I did this just in case the math didn’t work out – I figured that it would be easier to fix my mistake(s).  Thankfully, though, my math was good and it all lines up well.  There is a box pleat in the middle of each side to hide the seam where I sewed two widths of fabric together.  I also sewed each piece to a four inch band that I attached to the box spring with twist pins.  I have done it both ways and I find this much, much easier than making a big sheet to cover the box spring.  I used the blind hem on my machine for the bottoms and sides of each piece and serged the raw edges to cut down on the bulk.  Make sense?

The duvet was easy, peasy.  My mother-in-law helped me cut it out back
in August so I really just needed to sew it up.  It closes with
buttons, but you can’t see them.  Along with their corresponding button
holes, they are sewn on a flap of fabric that folds to the inside of
the opening.  I know this might not make sense.  But trust me, it’s


I know someone is going to ask me where I got the fabric.  The chocolate brown solid came from Calico Corners, I think.  The floral for the duvet is from Les Tissus Colbert, which is outside of Chicago.  I bought it over two years ago and it’s 110" wide.  It is perfect for a king sized bed – there were no patterns to match – just one cut for the top and one for the bottom.

I promise a full shot of the bed once the pillow shams are finished.  Right now, though, I am just happy that my list is getting shorter.

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