The girls have many theories about Santa.  They mostly revolve around why there are so many Santas (at the mall, at restaurants, etc.) and how he couldn’t possibly be in all those places at one time.  I love to listen to them discuss and analyze this.  I try not to chime in, but when I do, it is only to keep it all mysterious.  Kate has determined that one of these men is the real deal and all the others are helpers.  The problem, as she sees it, is that you don’t know if you are seeing the man in charge or his delegate.  So you had better be good, she says.  I agree.

Jane isn’t as worried about whether she is seeing a helper or not.  She has always loved The Polar Express and her teacher gave her a very special bell today.  She is testing everyone she sees.  She rings the bell and then says, "Do you hear something?"  "Yes, I do," I replied when asked.  Then she looked at me with a big smile and said, "You believe."  Yes. Yes, I do.  I believe.

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