Did you vote?  I did.

My sewing room (I have trouble calling it a studio) is a walk-in closet on our third floor.  It is adjacent to the kids’ playroom/guest room.  When we looked at this house for the first time, I am pretty sure that I didn’t even see it.  Fatty was the one who pointed it out.  So, lucky me, I have my own sewing room.


And this closet, like my clothes closet, is a mess.  So I am outing myself in an attempt to get it cleaned up, organized and maybe even stylish.


The built-in’s were already there – I had new shelves cut to fit them and painted the walls and trim this summer.  That pile of pillows could use some sorting and probably some tossing.


My work table is mostly cleaned off – that is only because I have been sewing a lot this past week.  The collage and some other art need to be hung on the walls.  Maybe some kind of thread storage too.


But, then there is this pile UNDER the table that needs major folding and sorting.


More bits and scraps that need to be put away or tossed.


I like this window and the shelf below it.  The vintage fan is for the hot summer because there is no vent in here.  I would love to see more cute accessories lined up on this shelf.  In my dreams, it might look like my personal version of this or maybe this.

Here goes nothing!

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