The yard sale wrap skirt is the cover project for Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross.  This is a great beginner to advanced beginner project – easy and pretty fast, too.

Yard sale skirt 003a_1_1

I started with 3 yards of an Amy Butler print.  Heather shows you cutting the skirt out with the fabric folded.  Unfortunately, the L/XL size would not fit on the 42" wide fabric once it was folded in half (21"), but I imagine the S/M might.  Regardless, I was able to flip the pattern piece around because I had a somewhat non-directional print to get 2 pieces out of the width.  If my fabric had an obvious right side up, then it would have taken me tons of fabric – maybe 7 yards or something crazy like that.  Keep that in mind.  After I cut the six panels that the pattern calls for, it was apparent to me that I was going to need a seventh.  I knew that Amisha had added another panel to hers, so I wasn't that surprised that I need an extra one too.  She made a S/M and I made a L/XL.  Suffice it to say, you should plan for that extra panel by buying extra fabric.  I didn't have enough left on my 3 yard piece, so I cut into a 1 yard cut of the same print for the seventh panel and the waistband pieces.  I used 4 yards total, but you might be able to get away with less if you plan better than I did.

Skirt layout

The sewing was fast.  The panels are joined using French seams.  Don't let that deter you!  I had never sewn French seams before and Heather's directions were very easy to follow.  Plus, they look so nice!  After the panels were sewn together and the sides hemmed, I added the waistband.  I found the left waistband piece to be wider than the center waistband piece.  I solved that easily enough – I just cut it so they fit together.  The waistband was sewn and top stitched in about a half an hour.  When it came time to hem, I didn't feel like messing with a hand sewn rolled hem.  Instead, I just pressed 1/4" to the wrong side, folded it back and pressed again.  Easy enough.

Yard sale skirt 012_1_1

The skirt sits up pretty high on my waist.  I think if I were to make it again, I'd try to adjust it to sit lower – either add another panel, or maybe take some length off the top.  Of course, if I did that, I would have to add length to the waistband so it would wrap around and tie properly.  I also think I would look at the skirt length a bit more.  I wore the skirt out the other day and still found it to be super comfortable.  Heather wrote a great article about hemlines here.  Read it – you won't be sorry.  I now know why the jean skirt I bought last fall never makes me feel good.  It's too short.

Yard sale skirt 001_1_1

All right – next up I am going to talk about those p.j. shorts, the all-weekend dress and the trapeze dress/blouse.  All in one post because I am so ready to move on.  Later, people.

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