Free play 2

I finished sewing the last bit of binding on the Free Play quilt last Tuesday.

I love this quilt.

In the end, I went with a loopy quilting pattern. I marked a grid on the quilt top with a water soluable pen and used that as a guideline when I free motion quilted it. For the backing, I stuck with solid Kona Snow, which I also used for the binding. There is just something about all that white, negative space that makes the improvisational patchwork piecing sing.

This quilt was intended as a gift for Emily all along. I knew that I had a short window of time to make it for her before her birthday and I could not settle on what I wanted to do. As an incentive to get sewing, I decided that playing with fabric for an hour a day would get me going and I am so happy I went with that approach. The free play allowed me to jump in and make without over thinking. I felt extremely invigorated and creative while I worked on this. It was only after the majority of the blocks were pieced, that I started to make deliberate, calculated decisions on how it would all come together. And at that point in the process, I could see what the framework and composition of this quilt needed to be. As a bonus, being creative while quilting opened me up creatively and spilled over into my painting class. I was able to finish a painting that had me stumped before. Seeing that translation of playing was really cool.

Free play 1

Free play 3

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