That Anna Maria. She knows what's good. And this scarf pattern of hers, in that yummy velveteen and voile of hers, is pretty dang great.

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I made 6 of these as gifts. I went ahead and bought the kits from Anna's website so I could have a variety of colors.  I even swapped linings on two of them so that none of the six I made are exactly the same.  The pattern is very straightforward and they came together pretty well.  I did have to trim the kit precuts so that the pieces were exactly the same size – in most cases, each scarf ended up being 17" wide before sewing.  Not a big deal, it didn't make a difference in the finished product.  I tried pinning the first one while sitting on the couch, but the fabrics are a bit slippery so when I got to the sewing machine, it wasn't lined up right and there was much swearing.  Ahem. Take my advice and find a clean spot on the floor or a long table where you can lay everything out nicely and then pin, pin, pin. Then go ahead and pin some more. I used a walking foot. I'm not sure if that is necessary or not – I found it helpful.

January 25

8 scarf

The velveteen is super cozy, the voile smooth and silky.  Doubling the scarf up on your neck is quite warm, but not too warm, and I think it looks equally as nice with a coat or just a sweater. I'd love to try this again with a light-weight wool and voile. Or even real silk velvet. I think that would be pretty swell, too.

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