Pj pants

I made the girls some pajama pants – two pairs of pants and one pair of shorts each.  This happened about three weeks ago and I just haven't found the time to blog about it.  And they want me to blog about it.  So I am.

They wear the same size clothes despite being two years apart in age which helped make this a fairly easy project.  I didn't use a commercial pattern.  Instead, I took a pair of p.j. pants that fits them both well and used that to make a paper pattern.  The hardest part of that was adding the seam allowances.  Seriously.  I cut all 6 pairs out and then sewed them together assembly line style.  Fast and a great stash buster to boot.  I'm working on some embellished tank tops to go with them and then I plan on making a nightgown or two to round out their night time wardrobe.

I wish I had a better photo, but I don't. Our kitchen remodel has started and it's pretty hectic around here. I'm hoping to hole up in the studio for a good chunk of time tomorrow.  Cross your fingers for me.

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