Thanks for all the birthday wishes for my mom.  I think she had a great day.  My dad flew all the adults in the family out to Telluride to surprise her.  It was a quick trip….22 hours door to door which is a bit shorter than my last journey out West.  It was great being able to celebrate with her.  All that eating and drinking and not enough sleep has left me completely worn out.

Moving on….craft swap was on Monday night and, as always, was just great!  One of our group is recovering from major surgery and decided to sit this swap out.  Well, we really couldn’t let that happen!  We all made an extra craft for her and, with her husband’s approval, held a surprise craft swap at her house.   We swooped in with food and drink and handmade goodies.  What isn’t there to like about that?


Inspired by Amy and Courtney, I made coffee cozies.  My original intent was to make them patchwork using fun fabrics from my stash, but when I found the chocolate brown linen on sale, I decided that it was better.  This way all little coffee drips will blend right in.


I embroidered everyone’s name with a running stitch and chose fabrics to compliment the floss.  There is one layer of batting sandwiched in the middle.  I wanted to quilt each one differently, but in the end decide that less is more and went with two simple lines.  Each cozy closes with little fabric loops and two buttons.


My friend Laura pointed out that these would make great teacher gifts….sew up a cozy and pop a gift card in the cup.  I think she’s right.

Every one made such wonderful items at this swap.  I haven’t had time to photo them all, but I will in the next day or two.  I am also working on the pillow zipper tutorial….I had hoped to have it up this week, but it may be a bit longer.   After our quick trip, groceries, laundry and rest are at the top of the agenda.   Back soon.

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