Thank you all so very much.  I am so touched by your kind words and encouragement.  Parenting is hard and it's good to know that everyone has those bad days.  Yesterday was better, not great, but better.  And I have high hopes for today, too.  I refuse to give up even though there are moments that make me want to.  I wish I had time to respond to you all individually.  Please know I
read all my comments and really appreciate the time you take to share
with me. Thank you.

April 3 024_1_1

Good things for today:

– Fatty was home a little later this morning so we got to spend some extra time together.

– Both girls said, "I love you, Mom" on their way out of the car.

– Dinner is mostly made and the house is picked up.

– I have finished 27 of 96 single girl quilt squares – over 1/4 the way done!

Hope you have a fantastic Thursday!

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