Today is the girls' last day of school.  Yesterday we bought gift cards for their teachers and the girls wrote thank you notes to each of them.  And because a gift card in an envelope is a little ho hum, I came up with a cute way to wrap these small tokens of appreciation.


The girls helped me pick out fabrics for their teachers and I whipped up some coffee cozies.  I love these because they really take very little time to make and they are practical and cute.



We tucked the gift cards inside and each girl wrote their teacher's name on the lid.  Kate put her thank you notes in the cup and Jane slipped hers behind the cozy – both ways work well.  We didn't wrap them any further – the girls carried them in to school just as they are.

And that's it.  Another year gone by.  Time sure does fly.

Back here soon.  In the meantime, you'll find us at the pool.

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