This sweater has been a saga.  I am amazed that I even finished it because it was by far the least fun I have ever had knitting.  My wrist issues started when I started this sweater and I have my fingers crossed that they end with it too.  But, I am glad that I stuck with it and finally got it off the needles, even if it took the better part of a year.


Rowan Felted Tweed is a beautiful yarn.  I loved working with it – it was soft and light in my hands.  There were many times that I wished I had chosen a different color.  Well, a lighter color, actually.  It would have been easier to see the dropped stitches and the mistakes I made in the cable.  But I don’t think I would love the finished sweater so much if it weren’t this pretty brown.


The garter rib was tedious.  I kept messing it up – knitting when I should have been purling and vice versa.  When I look at it now, I like the subtle detail and think ripping out all those wrong rows was worth it.  I do love the mock seam.  That is just plain beautiful.


The tangled yoke – well, it was a tangled mess most of the time.  But in the end, if I went at it one repeat at a time, I swore less and managed to get a whole row right.  Add up 18 right rows and you get a whole cabled yoke.  How I managed it, I am not sure.  The frustration was worth it.  I think it is pretty amazing.


The buttons are shell and they pick all the little tweedy bits in the yarn.  I wish they were a smidge smaller, but oh well.  They do look nice.


The sweater is comfy – it’s light weight, but still warm.  The sleeves are too long (my fault – I added too much length) and the overall fit is a little big (my fault, too – I lost weight).  I don’t care – it’s a good problem to have.  I still adore it.  I am just so happy that I am finished knitting it.

So there you go – item number 3 checked off the craft goal list.  That, too, feels good.

PatternTangled Yoke Cardigan by Eunny Jang

Yarn: Rowan Felted Tweed, Color 145, 8 skeins

Needles:  sizes 4, 3 and 0, 32" circulars and size 4 double points

Size:  38"

Modifications:  I added length.  1 1/2" to the body and 1" to the sleeves.  I also picked up a few extra stitches on the button bands to make up for the length.  Otherwise, I knit it as the pattern said.

Would I do it again?  Hell no.  Was it worth it?  Hell yes.

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