Thanks for the great info you guys gave me on the silk.  My goal is to take care of that today as I spent yesterday in bed and then on the couch after staying up all night with a stomach bug.  Fun stuff.


Before the sickness hit, I finished up these two pillows.  I DID NOT knit them.  The kindergarten teacher at my girls’ school gave me her mother’s Christmas sweater to make into pillows.  I cut the front from the back of the sweater and then stitched (with the sewing machine) around the images.  The knit tends to pull alot so I sewed it on to some muslin to stabilize it before sewing it to the back of the pillow.  I must admit to being a bit scared about cutting this up, but once I started it came together pretty easily.  I think that it was a great idea, too.  There are plenty of Christmas sweaters out there that no one wears, but would make great pillows to be pulled out once a year.  Great gifts for moms and grandmoms too.

That’s it for today.  Have a great Thursday.

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