November 23

We had a doozey of a week(end). Last Sunday (the one before Thanksgiving), Kate came down with the stomach flu. Jane was home on Tuesday with a migraine. Wednesday had Fatty in bed with the same bug as Kate – he surfaced on Friday. Thanksgiving morning, I had a fall at the beginning of a trail run complete with split lip, black eye and other scratches and bruises.

I am thankful it is all over.

Beyond that, Thanksgiving day itself was nice. My parents were here along with one of my brothers and his family. Our friends who were planning on coming stayed away (I would have, too!) and I was feeling lucky that I had two 12 pound turkeys so I could give one to them, along with a pumpkin pie and some other fixings. The food was great, the wine wonderful, the company good and the blessings bountiful despite all the illnesses.

The rest of the weekend was spent going to basketball games and hanging out, both at the house and elsewhere. I woke up this morning completely exhausted, but happy to return to some semblance of normal. There is another holiday coming right around the corner, and a certain someone is turning 13 later this week, and I am desperately trying not to lose sight of the magic of this season. Twinkle lights, anyone?

I'm wrapping up a big project in the next few weeks so bear with me if my posting continues to be spotty. With so much going on right now, something has to give and, at the moment, it is the blog. But! I want to be here – I miss making things and blogging about them. Soon.

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