I bought the fabric for these on Saturday, cut them out on Sunday night, and sewed them up on Monday.


for Kate


for Jane

Both are from my Japanese craft book.  I think they turned out cute, but I wish I would have added a bit of length to the top part of Jane’s.  It doesn’t really matter, though.  She refuses to wear it.  And she picked the fabric and the pattern.  I swear I am about to give up sewing for her – every single thing that I have made this spring sits on a hanger and is never worn.  I am talking about this outfit, this skirt, this top and the new one, too.  She tries them on once, wears it for awhile and never puts it on again.  I feel I need to repeat:  I let her choose the fabrics and I show her the patterns.  I always get an enthusiastic response.  What’s a mom to do?

Kate’s an entirely different story.  She loves it all.


At least I have one kid to sew for!  Good thing that my girls wear the same size.  Kate can wear Jane’s clothes.  That is, if Jane will let her.   I am taking advice…help!

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