Stitch 1

The fall issue of Stitch hit the newsstand yesterday and I couldn't be more excited because it features three of my projects!  This issue focuses on different fabrics and was a great opportunity for
me to use something other than quilting cottons for a change.

Stitch 2

I had the idea for this firewood tote as soon as I saw the jute upholstery webbing at Jo Ann's.  It's hard to see here, but the webbing is folded and sewn together at the top to make handles for the cotton duck and home decorator fabric bag.  It's also generously sized so you can haul a decent amount of wood in one trip and will still look good sitting by your hearth.

Stitch 3

This apron is also made from a home decorator fabric with a mid-weight linen for the pocket.  I think this is a great way to use a bold, geometric print.  It's sized to fit most adults and would be great as a chef's apron, too.  It comes together really fast – maybe an afternoon at most?  It'd be a great gift for almost anyone on your list, men included.  Fatty has one like it, so the sample I sewed for the magazine is now mine.  A girl can't have too many green aprons, I say.

Stitch 4

Finally, this velvet and silk cowl is probably my favorite of the three projects.  I love sewing with really luxurious materials and because it only takes 1/2 yard of each the velvet and the silk, it didn't break the bank.  Before I sat down to sew this, I wrangled with the construction in my head.  I was really worried that it would be complicated, but then I had a light bulb moment!  It comes together fast and easy.  I think it would be super pretty and just as soft with voile or Liberty lawn for the lining.  A lightweight, drapey wool would be equally as lovely as the velvet.  Great for gift giving, too.

This issue is packed with great projects including some by Blair, Melissa, Beki and Linda.  There is a fantastic section on items made from one yard – awesome for stash busting!  This magazine has been one of my favorites since its debut two years ago and I am so excited that it will now be published four times every year.

If you make any of the projects I designed, please let me know. I'd love to see your take on them.

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