Feb 26

Happy Friday to you!

Thanks for all the steeking tutorial links – I read them all, debated which way to go, and then got busy.  Originally, I thought I would definitely use the sewing machine to secure the stitches because that is the way I did it long ago.  After reading the different tutorials and because I was a tad concerned about shoving a handknit pullover through the machine without distorting the fabric, I got out the crochet hook.  I spent over an hour last night while watching the Olympics getting the first side crocheted.  I was a little worried that the crochet wouldn't hold well after cutting.  But, I don't think I need to worry any longer.  I had to tear out my first 3 inches of crochet due to an error on my part and wouldn't you know that the yarn was super grabby and very hard to get out.  Phew.  Now for the second crochet row which should happen today or tomorrow.  Then I'll cut.

I've been sewing this week, too.  While cleaning the sewing room, it dawned on me that if I just made the projects that I bought all this fabric for, then I'd have a cleaner room and much more space.  I started doing just that and have already gone through the better part of 10 yards of fabric.  It feels good.

I hope you have a great, relaxing weekend.  I'll be back as soon as the steeking is finished.

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