I have all the photos uploaded for the tutorial – I just need to write up the directions.  That is the longest part.  It is easy to sew and snap pictures as you go – matching the photos to words is more difficult.  Bear with me….I will get it finished soon.

This is the pile of shirred garments (two dresses and one top) sitting on the kitchen chair waiting for my girls to agree to a photo shoot.  It didn’t happen yesterday so keep your fingers crossed for today.  I may have to whip up another little number, just to make the kiddos happy.  We are busy today:  school, Kindergarten check-up for Kate, birthday party for a friend and craft swap (woo hoo!) tonight.  (Just a side note, I finished my craft yesterday unlike last time.  Feel free to pat me on the back because I am happy not to be having a craft-a-thon today!)  Tomorrow is an entirely different matter – not much planned, but Fatty has the day off and I can’t wait to spend the day with my man.  And those teacher gifts…..Kate’s out on Wednesday so I had better get cracking on that.

OK – off to tackle a bit of the tutorial.  Thanks for being patient with me.

Did I mention a giveaway?  No?  Oh, well, just stay tuned….

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