Chocolate + beer = Holiday Cheer

You don’t believe me?  Then you haven’t had this.


It’s Frederick Miller Classic Chocolate Lager.  And it is good.  Really good.  Smooth, easy drinking and chocolaty without overdoing it.  In my opinion, it makes a nice cocktail, a great after dinner drink or even dessert.  Unfortunately, it is seasonal and only available in a few Midwest markets.  Even though Fatty is a beer guy, we don’t have access to this brew in our town.  What’s a girl to do?  Well, in my case, beg a couple cases off my dad while in Chicago over Thanksgiving.  (Thanks Dad!)

I should really have a good picture of it in a nice mug or pint glass, but it’s only 3pm and I am hanging out with three little girls.  I did think of opening it anyways, but shudder to think of pouring this stuff down the drain.  It is that good.  Plus, Fatty’s company party is tonight so there will be plenty of beer in my near future.  A good beginning to a nice weekend, I hope!  Hope your is as equally festive!

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