I am so off my game.  I normally post in the morning.  I like posting in the morning – it just sets my day up in the right way.  And while I could write this all up and have it published tomorrow morning, it just doesn't seem right.  I guess this is a night posting week.

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So hello.  This is me, earlier today, after I got off my duff and actually finished something.  It was some weekend sewing from, um, a couple of weekends ago.  I got my copy of Heather Ross's new book in the mail right after it came out and this was the project that jumped off the pages for me.  It's a very good book.  There are quite a few garments (really, garments…for me!) that I want to make.    This one, the summer blouse was first.  I had the pattern traced and fabric cut almost immediately.  I sewed it up pretty dang fast, too.  Completely doable in a weekend, if not a day.  It's those finishing details:  slip stitch, sleeve hems and button that always get me.  So today, I pulled it out of the laundry basket that houses unfinished projects and got it done.  And then I wore it.  Out in public (it was 79 degrees here today!) and I still have it on.  I'll call that a success.

I'd love to dish all the details – the sizing, the fabrics, the vintage button and the minor modifications – but you will have to wait.  I know it's totally a tease and completely unfair, but I think you'll like my reasoning.  You see, next week, there will be a guest appearance on the blog.  Yes – the first one ever.  And she's a famous, fabric-designing, book-writing, creative seamstress, illustrator and all-around great writer.  Can you guess who?  I gave it away, didn't I?  Yes, you guessed it:  Heather Ross! 

So, next Tuesday, March 17th is the date.  I'll be here, with Heather, dishing about some other projects from her book.  To entice you further, there is a giveaway planned.  Yay!  Until then, you can find Heather at the other stops on her blog tour.  Click here for the dates and details.  You can also visit Heather's blog, if you haven't already.  Not only does she spin good stories, she has a little design challenge going on.  Fun stuff, if you ask me.

Wow.  I wrote this in record time.  Maybe blogging at night isn't such a bad idea after all!  See you all later.

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