Warning:  Cute feet in little socks!



She likes them! And they fit! While I was finishing them, I let Kate play with my camera.  See her photos here.

Don’t think that Jane is going to be left out.  She has already chosen her yarn.  And yes, it is variegated, too.


The tooth extraction was successful.  Pliers were used.  Kate is one brave girl!  She put her tooth in an envelope to stick under her pillow.  She said, "Goodbye tooth.  Have fun with all the other tooths in toothland."  This morning she found $5 under her pillow – the same amount Jane got for her first tooth (which I completely attribute to it being lost on Christmas Day and the tooth fairy feeling very generous).  She also told me she saw the tooth fairy!  Apparently she has blue hair and rides a pegasus.  Who knew?

Jane’s reading was a great success!  I am super proud of her.  She got up to the microphone and didn’t waiver a bit.  As for me, I got a bit teary (sniff).  She’s growing up so fast.

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