Project::Sock Elephant


I made this little elephant for a birthday present.  The happy 6 year old promptly named her Ellie.  I used the pattern in this bookBlair was the one who turned me on to it, but I was skeptical.  My only other sock animal experience was not good.  Then I saw Blair’s dog and decided to give it another go.  The elephant is not perfect (my mistakes), but the pattern was well written and the book is full of cute little critters.

Color week::Blue


The sky at dusk and


me wearing a light blue shirt.  I am also wearing these beautiful earrings from Susan – you just can’t see them in the shot.

In other news, I taught myself a new craft and am aching to tell you all about it.  I’ll save that for another day.  Let’s just say, I’m hooked.  Happy Friday!

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