Dawn and I had a little swap.  One of her Love Creatures in exchange for a twirly skirt.  Well, imagine my surprise when I opened the package and found Gloria


and Brady!


Oh my!  TWO!  Indeed, I am a lucky girl.  I knew I was getting one made out of the green floral fabric, but the little patchwork guy was such a great surprise.  They are both so adorable – I just love them!  Of course, the girls thought the rabbits were for them.  Ha!  Well, I guess I should share.  I just don’t want to!  There were some other little goodies in the package including some different teas and Pocky sticks (all gone – I did share that!).  Thanks Dawn!  You are so nice and extremely talented.  You really spoiled me.

While I was in the thick of the encyclopedia of me, Dawn tagged me for eight random things.  Although I feel that there can’t be too much more to tell, here goes:

1.  I was a History major in college.  If I could do it all over again, I would study graphic art.

2.  During the school year I work five hours a week setting up and printing invitations at a very nice stationery store.  Yes, only five hours.  I have been working there since I was pregnant with Jane.  When the kids were smaller, I would work one Saturday a month.

3.  People pay me good money to address invitations and write out place cards.  I used to do calligraphy, but now I mostly just use my regular handwriting.  It’s a great gig because if I am busy, I can say no to a job and heck, I get to work while in my p.j.’s.

4.  My freshman year college roommate is now on Saturday Night Live.  I lost touch with her, but she is a great person, very fun and nice.  She totally deserves what she has worked hard to get.

5.  I eat the same thing for breakfast every day.  Right now I am on an oatmeal with nectarines kick.

6.  It annoys me to no end when drivers don’t use their turn signals.

7.  I go to the grocery at least four times a week.  At least.  I am not a good meal planner so I find myself shopping for one or two days at a time.  Sometimes I do big shops to get all the basics, but more often than not I just pick things up as we need them.

8.   I have seen Breezer in the back yard.  I wasn’t convinced before, but now I really do believe in ghosts.

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