Yes, I am knitting!  Knitting!  And my wrist is feeling OK.  Not great, but OK.  The first tangled yoke sleeve is on the needles.  I am much further along than in this photo – I am finished with the garter rib, well into the stockinette stitch.  3 more increases to go.  So far so good.  The bonus:  there is a yarn store in Telluride!  I haven’t been in yet – just drove by this morning.  I plan on checking it out later today.  Good thing I saw it, too.  I forgot my cable needle at home.

The girls are off on their overnight camp out and in a few minutes I am off to the airport to pick up Fatty.  He’s here for the weekend so if I disappear until next week, you’ll know I am busy hiking and hanging out with my best friend.  Ta ta for now!

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