Did you see my new banner?  If not, clear your cache and refresh.  Those little guys are smokers.  I consider them cousins to the Nutcracker.  I may be wrong, but I think they are German.  At least that is where mine are from.  My mom has been giving one to my brothers and I for many Christmases now.  The ones in the banner are only part of my collection.  I love taking them out of the boxes and lining them up on our mantle each year.


This little Santa is one of the older ones.  I love his eyes – they have character.  All of these smokers can burn incense, too.  If you take the top half off, there is a little metal disc to put incense on.  Pop the top back on and smoke comes out of the mouth.  The girls are very concerned about this.  I tell them they are right, smoking isn’t good for you, but don’t worry, these guys are made of wood.

We have a couple other Christmas collections.  I will share those as soon as the light allows me to get some decent photos.  Happy Wednesday!

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