A couple of weeks ago, when the temperature an unseasonal 80 degrees, I had the urgent desire to sew clothes. Right then. I listened to my inner voice and did it. This blouse is the result.

The pattern is the Painted Portrait Dress and Blouse by Anna Maria Horner. I have used this pattern before when I was at Weekend Sewing with Heather Ross last October. Anna had just released it at the time and I decided to make the dress version with sleeves. The entire thing got sewn that weekend, but I haven't blogged about it because I am *still* embellishing the yoke with embroidery. (And also, as I look at that photo, I think I'm going to have to change the pockets, too.) I LOVED sewing that dress – it didn't hurt that Anna was there to help me fit it properly. Sewing this blouse was just as fun, but faster – no sleeves, no pockets, shorter length. I cut it out one afternoon and sewed it up the next day.


The Little Folks dobby dots came from my stash. (LOVE using my stash!) It is a great choice for this because it is light-weight and drapes beautifully. Voile would be great (that's what I made the dress out of) as would a cotton lawn. Quilting cotton would be crisper, but I think would still work. Anyhow, I did some fussy cutting for the front and back yokes. I especially like how the back one looks and Fatty gets credit for suggesting that the square be split with the borders in the middle. Smart man.

In New York, I was able to try on a sample in size medium. It fit me pretty well in the torso, but was a smidge small in the bust. To compensate, I made the size large and took it in on the back princess seams. That's what Anna suggested and that is what I did on the dress. For this blouse, I took the dress and copied the sewing lines of my back seams onto the blouse and sewed accordingly. It worked pretty well.

It's a well-written pattern and a fairly fast sew, especially the second time around. I especially love how the armholes and hem are done with bias tape. That is not to say that I didn't make any mistakes. Boy, did I ever. A little mishap with the serger at the very end (can you say a HOLE in the blouse?!?) left me scrambling to cover my tracks. I was able to fix it well enough that I think I'm the only one who can see it, but the fit is a little off. No big loss, but I definitely won't be serging the seams after they are sewn the next time around.

Painted portrait

I'm plotting the next version. I think it'll be a sleeveless dress for summer, probably with a patchwork yoke. I'll keep you posted.

Have a great weekend!

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