I finished Jane’s skirt.  All in all, it turned out pretty well.


I debated whether to use a solid or a print for the waist and hem.  I was thinking solid orange because Jane likes pink and orange together.  Fatty voted for a print.  I think it was a good choice – thanks, hon.  I would like to make an applique t-shirt to go with it.  A butterfly, maybe.  Any other ideas?

This skirt was very easy to make.  It’s basically a bunch of rectangles.  I did have a small problem, though.  My math was off – I forgot to take seam allowances into account so the casing is very small.  I didn’t have enough fabric to re-do it so I just bought some skinny elastic instead.  Yes, there is elastic in there with the drawstring.  A lady at the fabric store suggested it.  I am glad I took her advice – it stays up better.


She tried it on and took it for a spin.


Around here, twirly skirts are favored.  And this one passed the test.

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