August_2006_3I rarely make clothes.  Sometimes for the girls, but never for me.  When I saw this fabric earlier this summer, I knew I wanted to make something to wear with it – I thought maybe a skirt.  The fabric sat in the bag and I kind of forgot about it until I began cleaning out the sewing room.  When I rediscovered it and found this pattern, I thought ok, this is what I’ll make.

Mistake #1:  When I cut it out, I decided NOT to lengthen the torso.  I kept holding the pattern up to myself and thought, "this is definitely going to be long enough."  Wrong, wrong, wrong.  It was a really dumb call on my part – I have to order long torso bathing suits.  What was I thinking? 

Mistake #2:  The armholes are huge!  I don’t understand why – must be the pattern.  I should have looked a little more carefully.

Mistake #3:  At the bottom, it’s narrower than at the arms.  Another pattern thing, I think.  It barely fits over my hips.

This is why I don’t make clothes!

The result . . . still to be determined.  Part of me wants to scrap the whole thing because I am so frustrated.  The other part thinks I am up to the challenge of multiple alterations.  I guess I will wait and see.

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