October 17

Line of labels

Not that kind of pillow talk. Sheesh.

I spent a great deal of time sewing this weekend.  Those scraps on the floor are just a small portion of the big pile left over.  Consequently, I have three new colorways of camera straps that will go in the shop on Thursday.  I'll update it at 1 p.m. EST.  Sound good?  I don't think there will be any scrap bags yet, but if all goes well, there may be something else.  I hate to be cryptic, but it's all about timing such. And speaking of timing, there will be one last shop update in late November.  So it's now or November to get a camera strap before the holidays.  Just so you know.

October 18

I took this photo last night with quilts on the brain.  Specifically, how I really want to make one or two, or five right now. Right. Now.  The more I look at it, though, the more I feel that my family room needs some new pillows.  I had those chairs slipcovered this summer and got stalled on the re-decorating front.  I have this crazy notion to make a pillow a day for a week.  At least that would give me something to blog about.  Until I manage to get to the quilts, that is.

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