I'm feeling a bit under the weather today. I knew I was fighting something after I slept for 9 hours on Thursday night and 11 hours on Friday night.  I felt good on Saturday, but yesterday I woke up with an achy body.  I'm resting up, drinking lots of tea with honey and hoping that tomorrow I'm back to feeling myself again.

I had planned on updating the shop this week, but it'll be next Monday, September 20th instead.  When people email me and ask when I will have more camera straps available, I always respond that I will announce the update a week in advance.  Consider this the requisite announcement.  I haven't pinpointed a time yet – I'll let you know that later this week.  I'm going to try to have five colorways available this time.  I also plan on doing two more shop updates this year – one in October and one in November.  More details on those specific dates as they get closer.

Back here soon with more news. Until then, take care.

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