Rope basket

I finished the rope basket I started last week on Saturday. I just needed a few minutes to sit down and complete the hand sewing portion which took no time at all. In fact, the entire thing was easy-peasy. And so so fun! I was slightly nervous to sew over rope (eek!), but really did not encounter a single problem. I am super happy that I was able to make it even and round on my first go. I shouldn't have been worried a bit. It was simple, really. And slightly addictive – I know I will make more.

As I said last week, I watched this creativebug class to learn the technique. I wasn't able to find the twisted cotton rope locally, so I went with a 1/4" cotton clothesline that has a nylon core. I bought it at my local hardware store, but saw the same thing at the big box home improvements stores, too. It worked great. I think I have found a good source for the twisted rope – I'll let you know how that works just as soon as I make the next one. I also think this method will be great for some other uses other than baskets. Time to experiment!

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